• LOCATION : Newark, DE
  • SQUARE FOOTAGE: 10,000

The design of the Delaware Technical Community College Stanton Campus Courtyard was formed by a true team effort that involved the entire Del-Tech Community. To determine the community’s needs and vision for the new courtyard a survey of Del-Tech students, staff and faculty was conducted. 687 individual responses were recorded. There were a variety of creative ideas, but the majority of responses had a common theme; The community had a strong desire for additional seating, brighter colors and more shade. This knowledge became the guiding principles for the new design.

With a clear understanding of the project’s goals the design team was able to focus on crafting details to breath new life into the space. This care to attention throughout the design included:
-LED lighting incorporated into custom stainless steel cable handrails provides an elegant appearance while serving a dual function as emergency lighting for improved life safety.
-A sculptural curved poly-carbonate canopy anchors the center of the space and is highlighted by 14 column mounted LED fixtures with programming capabilities.
-Utilizing permeable pavers increased the amount of functional seating space while minimizing the amount of impervious surface.
-As a contrast to the large open areas, an ipe footbridge over a rain garden provides access to an additional seating area with blue stone pavers. Boulders re-claimed during excavation were utilized to provide additional seating.
-Maintenance is minimized through the use of a drip irrigation system and utilizing artifical turf for an outdoor classroom.
-Decorative powder coated steel trim frames the base of the raised seating area and serves as both a pour stop for the concrete slab and a termination for the locally sourced Brandywine Stone veneer retaining walls.