University of Delaware – Health Sciences Center

  • LOCATION : Newark, DE
  • CLIENT: University of Delaware
  • SQUARE FOOTAGE: 103,000

The Health Sciences Center at University of Delaware’s STAR Campus incorporates the latest in healthcare, research, education, technology, and therapy, all under one roof.

Physical Therapy Clinic – Open to the public, the PT clinic serves the community while providing students with hands-on training. An interior walking path surrounds the clinic, complete with a complex harness system. Demonstration areas are outfitted with elements of a domestic kitchen and bathroom to allow patients to practice daily tasks. The clinic is also outfitted with the latest equipment and hands-free adjusting plinth and mat tables.

Nurse Managed Health Center – Also open to the public, the clinic includes exam rooms, sample processing facilities and advanced research labs including stress testing, and bone density. The clinic’s circulation is specifically designed for new visitors to easily navigate the space.

Advanced Research Labs – Flanking the main public corridor are several highly specialized research labs equipped with advanced equipment and technology including imbedded treadmills, ceiling mounted harness systems, and wall mounted camera systems.

Anatomy Lab – The Anatomy lab teaches clinical anatomy and offers students a comprehensive view of the multiple body systems. The specialized layout includes a separate freezer room adjacent to the main lab with houses built-in morgue refrigerators.