Tevebaugh Assists with Design of All-Inclusive Playground in Newark, DE

Tevebaugh Associates is proud to be involved with the design and construction of a new playground that provides opportunities for collaborative play to children of all abilities in the Newark, Delaware area.

The new playground will be starting construction shortly, thanks to contributions of individuals and businesses throughout the community.   But it began with the efforts of Nic DeCaire and Deb Buenaga, who identified that Newark was in need of an all-inclusive, accessible playground for children of all abilities.

Tevebaugh was approached early in the process to contribute design assistance for an accessible restroom and maintenance facility that would support the new play area. We gladly accepted the opportunity to collaborate on such a great project, and contributed our time and expertise to help ensure the facility could achieve Nic and Deb’s vision.

Tevebaugh worked closely with the team to design a facility that focused on accessibility and flexibility while also providing natural day lighting on the interior of the restrooms through light tubes in the ceiling.  Other accommodations include accessible drinking fountains for the various users of the playground, which not only include children, but also accompanying adults and service animals.

With help from the City of Newark Parks & Recreation Department, as well as many  fundraisers, the playground is nearing its funding goal, but it still needs your help!  Please visit www.prestonsplayground.com for more information, and to support this great cause!