OUR WORK | Building on 30 years of leadership in architecture, interiors, and master planning for a wide spectrum of clients throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, Tevebaugh Architecture is the definitive resource for clients seeking innovative and effective design solutions.

Master Planning

Our team of master-planning experts works with clients throughout the US to design comprehensive and effective frameworks and visions for future development and growth. Based upon decades of experience and a diverse portfolio of projects, our master-planning process relies on collaborative visioning sessions with our clients that are informed by our extensive precedent information and data gathering efforts. We seek out innovative and effective land development solutions for our clients to enable them to capture visions, obtain buy-in, and create effective solutions.

Featured: Claymont Office Master Plan Proposal


Successful and innovative workplace designs create tangible value that outperforms any simple plug-and-play solutions. Tevebaugh strives to integrate each of our client’s unique identities, priorities, and processes into our comprehensive workplace planning and design strategy. Cost efficiency needs to be balanced with innovation, aesthetics needs to take into account operations and maintenance, and investment needs to be effective. Our practice was founded on corporate and commercial work, and we continue to build our studio by developing innovative corporate and commercial design solutions for our client’s most complex needs.

Featured: Chesapeake Utilities – Dover Campus

Featured: Court House Square Exterior Renovation

Claymont Office Proposal


Healthcare design is rooted in the successful balance of complex design criteria for a diverse number of individuals: from the patient, to the operations team, to the regulatory agencies, to the construction team, each design solution requires attention to detail, and collaborative leadership from project stakeholders. Tevebaugh prides itself on continuing to work with our healthcare clients, project after project, year after year in the pursuit of meaning spaces for wellness, treatment, and healing. With each client, and each project, we seek to build upon the collective knowledge base of our diverse healthcare portfolio, bringing expertise and insights developed over years of work with our repeat clients that include Christiana Care Health System, Nemours / A.I. duPont Hospital for Children, Union Hospital, and Jefferson Health.

Featured: Nemours – Pediatrics Media Clinic

Featured: CCHS PMRI at Pelleport

Featured: Jefferson Health – West Berlin

Nemours – Pediatrics Media Clinic


Our academic project experience is dedicated to creating a meaningful impact on student success through the built environment. Through our work with a diverse number of academic clientele, we continually seek new and innovative ways to make a difference in shaping our clients’ campuses throughout the region, including: The University of Delaware, Widener University, Neumann University, and Delaware Technical Community College. A fundamental component of any Tevebaugh-led academic design project includes student involvement in the design process. WE fundamentally believe that imparting students with the tools to impact their academic environment is a critical step in showing students their ability to impact not only their own educational journey, but those that follow.

Featured: Neumann University – Miranda Center Exterior

Featured: Neumann University – Miranda Center Gymnasium

Featured: University of Delaware College of Health and Sciences

Featured: DTCC Stanton Learning Commons Courtyard

Public & Institutional

Through a devotion to innovative, effective, and safe civic environments, Tevebaugh Architecture strives to create meaningful design solutions for our community. Through our extensive work with civic clients throughout the mid-Atlantic region, we have built a diverse portfolio of expertise that serves each of our clients in unique and effective ways. From Federal, State, and Local design commissions, to teaming with internationally renowned design experts, we bring unprecedented access to a wealth of design knowledge and solutions to each of our local clients.

Featured: PA Office of Attorney General

Featured: Wilmington Transit Center

Featured: Wilmington Parking Garage Deck

Featured: Paul J. Sweeny Public Safety Building

Interior Design

Interior planning and design are an integral and imperative component of the architectural design process. We combine innovation, passion, and research to produce interior design solutions that deliver performance, experience, and comfort. We strive to integrate our research and precedent studies with each of our client’s unique identities to create spaces that are both functional and experiential. Seamless integration of product research and market trends with our approach to the architectural design process provides results for our clients that are more effective and efficient.

Featured: Court House Square Lobby

Featured: Chesapeake Utilities – Dover Campus Lobby

Featured: Chesapeake Utilities – Dover Campus Conference Room

Featured: Chesapeake Utilities – Dover Campus Break Room & Kitchen