The Tevebaugh Architecture design studio worked closely with this publicly-traded utility company’s executives and marketing division to create a cohesive campus design that appealed to multiple individual businesses under the Chesapeake Utilities corporate umbrella.

These efforts included a campus signage plan that focused on unified branding for the individual businesses on the campus, as well as clear wayfinding for the public and visitors that might need to visit the building. Those design efforts ultimately yielded a pylon sign (pictured top) that functioned as a beacon to the campus along the high- speed thoroughfare adjacent to the campus, as well as multiple smaller monumental signs thoughout the campus that provided branding and wayfinding.

These smaller monumental and wayfinding signs utilized the same architectural materials and details as the building, unifying the campus design aesthetic.


Chesapeake Utilities and
Eastern Shore Natural Gas


Dover, DE


20 Acres


Brand Selection & Coordination
Planning & Programming Coordination
Construction Documents
Construction Administration

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