Originally built in 1917 as the Delaware Chemical Engineering Company, this industrial complex of buildings is cited as Delaware’s example of Masonry/Colonial Spanish Revival style industrial building. Shuttered in 2000, the complex has undergone a rigorous environmental remediation process by DNREC and was purchased by the Developer. Tevebaugh worked closely with the developer to restore and preserve the original historic structure and seamlessly integrate a new brewery and pizzaria into the beautiful shell. The project is the site of Wilmington’s first production brewery in over 60 years.

The program includes indoor seating as well as an outdoor front patio looks over Haynes Park. From the street, passersby will see the stainless steel fermentation tanks in the front windows. Located in an area of the city with little to no nightlife or restaurants, and directly adjacent to the Northern Delaware Greenway Trail, the pizzeria and brewery provide a valuable amenity for the community.


Ralph & Rose Pepe


Wilmington, DE


40,000 SF


Wilmington Brew Works
La Pizzaria Metro


Feasibility Studies
Planning & Programming Coordination Construction Documents
Construction Administration
Tenant Fit-out and Design Coordination

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