Longwood Gardens is one of the premier horticultural display gardens of the US with over 1000 acres of gardens, woodlands, and meadows.  The architects of the Homsey Studio have completed many projects over the years at Longwood.  The Palm House and Lily Pond Courtyard are two of the projects Homsey is best known for contributing to the Longwood facility.

Longwood Gardens commissioned Victorine & Samuel Homsey to design a new glass structure for the display of palm trees, orchids, and other tropical species in the 1960s. A contemporary design, stripped of excess decoration, but echoing the arched windows of the main conservatory, was chosen. In order to provide cooler temperatures at the base and accommodate the height of the trees, the foundation was set well below grade. Entering at the intermediate level and through the use of ramps, visitors are able to view the trees at various levels.

Included in the project was the glass house which connects the Palm House to the Main Conservatory.  Later, Homsey Architects reconfigured the courtyard lily ponds from small rounded ponds to the larger rectangular ponds with the round pond in the center that is present today.

To this day, the area remains a popular destination for Longwood visitors.


Longwood Gardens


Kennett Square, PA


Completed 1966


Horticultural Display House Original New Construction

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