After going public in 1991, the rapidly expanding banking entity MBNA wanted to establish an impressive presence in downtown Wilmington, DE. Homsey Architects created a dignified corporate architectural identity using limestone and cast concrete throughout the multi-block campus. The Bracebridge complex consists of four office buildings as well as two low rise auxiliary buildings built near Rodney Square in downtown Wilmington. The more than 1,000,000 total square foot project served as the headquarters of the bank from 1995 until it was acquired by Bank of America in 2006.

1-Bracebridge I

2-Bracebridge II

3-Bracebridge III

4-Bracebridge IV

5-Bracebridge Daycare

6-Bracebridge Academy

Each building was completed within an eleven month time frame under Fast Track scheduling while including amenities such as glass atrium dining rooms, high end finishes such as wood paneling, underground parking, and a daycare center. Founder Charles Cawley believed providing employees with a gracious working environment would inspire a high level of employee commitment and customer service.



MBNA America


>1,000,000 SF


Wilmington, DE


AIA Delaware | Honor Award for Design Excellence | 1995

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