With the contemporary advancements in end-of-life services available to patients, Seasons Hospice has evolved into a nationwide leader in adding quality of life to each day through hospice care and palliative services. The Tevebaugh studio has supported Seasons in that pursuit in a variety of projects throughout the country.

The renovation of the 3rd floor of ChristianaCare’s Wilmington Hospital North Tower continues that design partnership between Seasons and Tevebaugh to accommodate the Seasons Hospice & Palliative Care programming and support within the Wilmington Hospital. The renovation strengthens the partnership that Seasons provides to the local healthcare service providers with a hospice unit embedded within the hospital itself. By repurposing a former behavior health unit into a vibrant and contemporary fitout, the team found efficiency in the design by refreshing the existing patient room and nurse station layout with new finishes and services focuses on hospice operations. The broad scope of improvements included a complete renovation of all finishes, HVAC Systems, and lighting to create an environment that would support Seasons’s program of focusing on quality of life for the terminally ill patients they serve.

In addition to design and construction administration services, Tevebaugh also served as the coordinator of landlord and tenant scope of work responsibility in the lease negotiations between the tenant and landlord, Seasons and the Christiana Care respectively.


Seasons Hospice & Palliative Care


Wilmington, DE

Building Area

11,510 SF

Design Services

Planning & Programming Coordination
Construction Documents
Bidding & Contract Negotiation
Construction Administration
OHFLC Approval Process